Driver CPC

Driver CPC

Certificate of Professional Competency

Driver CPC was introduced across the EU in 2008 for professional bus drivers and 2009 for professional truck drivers to set and maintain high standards of road safety, health and safety and driving among professional drivers of buses and trucks.

Three key aims:

  • Ensuring all professional drivers have good driving and safety standards and that those standards are maintained throughout their career
  • Creating a common standard for the training and testing of drivers throughout the EU
  • Reducing fatalities and serious injuries on Irish roads. The RSA’s target is for Ireland to have one of the lowest casualty rates in Europe.

Periodic training is compulsory and will help you be:

  • A better and safer driver
  • More environmentally aware and cost conscious
  • Physically healthier
Driver CPC

The Driver CPC and You

Professional drivers fall into two categories from a drivers CPC perspective:

    *  Those who are already working as a professional driver when the scheme was put in place and

    *  Those who are new to the profession

If you are a new driver you will have to undertake the driver cpc theory and practical tests before getting a drivers cpc.

If you got your Bus/Truck licence before 2008/2009 you are automatically entitled to Driver CPC. – This is called aquired rights.


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