Fleet Training

Fleet Training

With nearly 50 years training experience we at Alexandra School of Motoring have worked with small medium and large organisations such as Dublin City Council , ESB, Local councils etc.

We provide training programmes with the aim to reduce the risk of drivers being involved in an accident and to ensure fleet drivers adopt a safe driving attitude whilst being aware of issues such as wear and tear, fuel economy and environmental considerations.

Driver Training also promotes a positive company image through well driven branded vehicles.

Fleet Training Courses:
Our courses combine both theory and practical training. The theory aspect looks at the risk to individuals and offers coping strategies tailored to the organisation.

The practical and in-vehicle assessment and training raises awareness of the individual driver to their responsibilities.

Benefits of driver training for organisations include:

  • a better environmental profile;
  • fewer health and safety problems;
  • fulfilling health and safety obligations;
Fleet Training
  • less down time;
  • lower crash and injury rates for employees;
  • lower environmental impact upon the community leading to improved quality of life for all;
  • potential cuts in insurance premiums;
  • savings in fleet running costs including maintenance and fuel; and
  • spreading of information beyond the immediate client base.

The benefits for employees include:

  • better understanding of driver related health and safety issues;
  • better personal fuel economy;
  • greater awareness of individual responsibility with regard to other road users;
  • increased driving confidence;
  • lower personal risk;
  • lower stress levels;
  • reduced personal insurance claims; and
  • spreading of information to family and friends.

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