Minibus Pre Test

Minibus Pre Test

Before sitting the RSA Driving test we at Alexandra School of Motoring recommend pre-test lessons. With nearly 50 years experience this has led us to become pre-test specialists in this category.

Although drivers who hold a B licence, have driving experience, the importance of Road safety cannot be understated especially in the carriage of passengers. We at Alexandra School of Motoring recommend pre-test lessons for this category as succeeding in the RSA driving test is not simply about your driving skill but also about the awareness and responsibility of passenger care and safety.

Aspects of our Pre-test courses:

  • Rules of the Road – Q and A supplied
  • Under Bonnet Checks
Minibus Pre Test


  • Secondary Controls
  • Hand Signals
  • Reversing – Right and Left Sides
  • All Aspects of driving assessed
  • Tests routes covered
  • Discussion of faults and correction feedback given.


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