Examination Details

Examination Details

The new Driver CPC theory tests are part of the new Driver CPC process, which is mandatory for all new professional drivers.

Step 1:
Drivers must first pass the learner permit theory test and obtain their learner permit as normal.

Step 2:
Drivers then must take pass CPC theory tests… DOWNLOAD HERE

Test 1 : Multiple Choice Questions
100 multiple choice question  – 61 correct answers needed to pass

Test 2: Case Study
Case Studies are short scenarios that describe various situations a driver might face. There 3 case studies with  15 questions in each case study (45 in total).

Test 3: Practical Test
This test is conducted in the driving test centre and is usually taken directly after the driving test. A vehicle is required for this session.

Examination Details

 It is a practical knowledge test lasting 30 minutes. It covers areas such as:

  • safety
  • passenger comfort
  • legal matters relating to driving
  • vehicle loading and stability
  • ability to deal with an emergency
  • physical risks involved in driving

New Drivers:
When you have passed the two Driver CPC theory tests, the driving test and practical test you will be issued with a Driver CPC qualification card.


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